Saturday, August 7, 2010

I met my college friend

After a long time I met my college friend in the shopping mall along with his wife. In college days we are the gang with fifteen friends and to make lot of fun in the college days. He invited me to come to his home. I went to his home and he gave me a great lunch. Meanwhile I spoke about my engagement with girl friend sheran. I was attached sheran photo to my mail, my friend asked me to show her photo. I just log in to my friend system for using the internet and login to mail. It takes more time to connect to mail server. I asked my friend about the connection you are using. He told me that he using dialup connection with high cost. My friend home is locating in the most rural area; so that the dialup connection is get lose the server most often. I suggested to my friend that lots of internet services provider are available in the market. They are giving the best services in the satelite high speed internet connections. Using the satellite internet connection even in the rural area we connect the fastest internet connection to the home. Before leaving from his home, I have invited him for my marriage.