Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gift for my friend marraige

My friend name is John. He was engaged with his lover. He is getting marriage on 12 Aug. He gave me a great party to us for their marriage engagement. We are gang with fifteen friends. In this gang John going to get married first. We are studied together in college. We are the gang to make lot of fun in the college days. So we are very happy that one of my friend is going to get married soon. Especially John is my best friend; when we high school, we are studied together.
So I decided to buy a separate gift for my best friend John. I went for shopping along with my lover sheren. She has more often to go for shopping to purchase personal items and gifts for me. We are gone to the shopping mall for purchasing the gift. We almost looking lots of gifts but I am not satisfied. Meanwhile I saw the wall clock showroom in the mall. Just like that I went in to the showroom, but I shocked to saw the beautiful wall clocks are available in that showroom. So I decided and brought a wall clock to my best friend’s marriage.

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