Friday, May 27, 2011

Reduce Belly Fat

One day I saw my friend, when I was on my way to office. He name is David. We together studied during school days. We are gang with ten friends and make lot of fun in the school days. After schooling, I was missed contacts of all ten friends because of my father got transferred to another city. I was very happy that I saw one of my best friend’s David after five years. He said that “I got engaged with my lover Runette and we will get marriage on July 7th”. He invited me for marriage with good looking invitation.

David asked me that “How to reduce the body weight?” He asked this question to me because he was very disgusted about his belly fat and overweight. He wants to reduce the belly fat before his marriage. I advised him to go for long walk and I asked him to avoid the oil and fried food. I told that “Nuts, olive oils and canola oils are helping you lose weight.” I asked him to use the diet accessories like Blender Bottle for blending your preferred diet smoothies and drink mixes. Final I asked him to make the habits of eating healthy food and exercise regularly and sure you will get rid of that belly fat.

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