Tuesday, November 3, 2009

About PicJoke

An image plays a vital role in everybody life. Our life time events are displayed in photos for our remembrances. There are many special effects to renovate our photo. But many don’t know the techniques. We can create much funny stuff with our photo. To create funny photo there many tools available via online. But those tools are paid tools and we can’t even know whether it works or not. To overcome this there is site called PicJoke.com, where they offer a free trial for 14 days. By utilizing this trial period we can easily create funny photos.

We can create online funny photo effects using PicJoke.com. We can modify our own image with various effects. Example: We can place our image in advertising LCD displays in tall building, make funny photo like monkey carrying a book which is carved by our photo. If you are satisfied you can use this site PicJoke.com by paying after the trial period. It’s easy to create funny photo, making online funny photo effects and make funny photo. Even you can give a gift to your friend by attaching their image in any effects. This will be a great surprise for them.

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